How we understand the adoption

  • Adoption is a protective measure for minors in abandonment.

  • Adopted individuals have specific needs related to their condition that have to be addressed, so it is necessary to support and educate adoptive families in order for them to learn to recognize these needs and respond to them effectively.

  • The socio-emotional integration of adopted children is complex and full of ups and downs. Externalizing the difficulties is the only way to help minimize the emotional damage caused by child abuse, institutionalization, and abandonment.

  • Understanding what an adopted child has experienced and the causes of the adoption is a lifetime process. During this process it is important to connect with the emotions and experiences that can overcome the child at any time.

  • Talking about their origins and even the desire to meet their natural parents, is not necessarily because they don´t feel attached to their adoptive family, but rather is just a need. They need to understand and get in contact with their past in order to better continue with their present and future.