Who we are

ADOPTIA is an Agintzari´s private initiative that´s been carrying out training, counseling, intervention, support in crisis situations and support to adoptive families and adoptees since 1998.

The ADOPTIA service has gone through a long journey of more than 15 years, marked by the complexity of foster care and adoption as policy areas. Evolution that marks an identity label of a comprehensive service of psychosocial care and consulting specialized in foster care and adoption.

Daily efforts are deposited to respond to the specific needs of each situation, through the psychological and psychosocial intervention with specific tools under a constant review and innovation.

Our professional work, from that integrated and continuous improvement vision, helps the intervention processes with the training of families, children and professionals, research and specialized consultancy.

As a result of our extensive experience and as a result of the investigation, ADOPTIA has already done and is continuing working on publications, in order to share our knowledge.