Our model

ADOPTIA thinks  that´s important to encourage adoptees and adoptive families have an updated and specialized training, counseling tailored to the needs of each family and person, and generate meetings with professionals and adoptive families.

It has therefore been necessary a long way to build our working model. ADOPTIA path has been marked by the setting of a multidisciplinary team with different looks and formations that over the years has enabled an added value to the working model. Model based on a complex learning in a scope that has made us find reference models in other countries like Germany, England, Italy and USA in order to nurture experiences, reflections, research and specific strategies.

From the current reality of adoption, with a population, in some cases, with emotional damage, with serious diseases, with damaged attachments, convulsive teens and young adults with serious crises in its life cycle, we consider accompaniments marked by the intensity and complexity.

In this new context, ADOPTIA understands training as a way to share our knowledge and the way to try to understand what people who have experienced situations of abuse and neglect in the early childhood feels  and provide clues and resources for difficult situations management, and especially in situations of risk. Training spaces providing learning from sharing and from the practice and reflection with both adoptive families and adoptees, as with professionals from different areas of intervention that are in close connection with the adoption: educational, psychological, medical and therapeutic field.